Scientific and military staff associated with Centre for Military Studies, Department of Political Sciences, UCPH

Name Title Phone E-mail
Jens Wenzel Kristoffersen Analyst +4535322198 E-mail
Alexander Høgsberg Tetzlaff Analyst +4535321602 E-mail
Maria Mälksoo Associate Professor - Promotion Programme +4535331157 E-mail
Kristian Søby Kristensen Head of Centre, Senior Researcher +4535324084 E-mail
Dovilé Sagatiené Postdoc +4535330344 E-mail
Lena Trabucco Postdoc +4535325373 E-mail
Kevin Jon Heller Professor +4535333191 E-mail
Anders Theis Bollmann Research Assistant +4535336391 E-mail
Niels Byrjalsen Research Assistant +4535336847 E-mail
Lin Alexandra Mortensgaard Research Assistant +4535327095 E-mail
Cornelia Baciu Researcher +4535325616 E-mail
Tobias Liebetrau Researcher +4535331697 E-mail
Neil Renic Researcher +4535327953 E-mail
Katja Lindskov Jacobsen Senior Researcher +4535333869 E-mail
Mikkel Broen Jakobsen Special Consultant +4535332457 E-mail
Theodor Lykketoft Bilgrav Student FU   E-mail
Anton Hougaard Bay Jensen Student FU +4535336010 E-mail
Eva Lundstrøm Lademann Student FU +4535322248 E-mail
Anemone Mariane Thode Skovgaard Student FU   E-mail