About the centre

The Centre for Military Studies is a research Centre at the Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen. The Centre focuses on policy-relevant research and research-based dissemination and innovation. Research at the Centre is thus a means to identify policy options in a complex, interconnected security environment. We work closely with the Danish Ministry of Defense, the Danish Armed Forces and the politicians with the aim of researching relevant topics, developing ideas and identifying options.

We believe that democracies make better decisions, but only if the facts are presented to the public and decision-makers in ways that clearly identify choices and risks. Therefore, we carefully consider the means by which we communicate our findings and the ways in which we facilitate dialogue. We use considerable resources to inform the public and decision-makers on our findings and comment on current affairs.

The Centre seeks to convey international trends and events in a Danish context and convey Danish experiences and priorities in an international context.

The Centre for Military Studies is mainly financed by the Danish Defense Budget. The Defense Agreement 2018-2023 awards the Centre an annual grant of DKK 10 million and an additional grant of DKK 15 million over the six years for targeted efforts in matters of international law.

The effort on international law issues has resulted in a collaboration with iCourts at the Faculty of Law (KU) and the Danish Defense Academy (FAK) on the research project International Law & Military Operations (InterMil).

In addition, the Centre's researchers regularly obtain external research grants. The Centre's researchers are currently heading or contributing to the following major research projects:

The Challenge of Populist Memory Politics for Europe (MEMOCRACY)
Maria Mälksoo. 2021-2024. Funded by Volkswagen Stiftung.

(Counter)-piracy infrastructures in the Gulf of Guinea (COPIGoG)
Katja Lindskov Jacobsen. 2022-2024. Funded by Fellowship Centre.

Ritual Action: Making Deterrence Matter in International Security and Memory Politics (RITUAL DETERRENCE)
Maria Mälksoo. 2022-2027. Funded by the European Research Council.

Ocean Infrastructures (OCINFRA)
Tobias Liebetrau. 2022-2025. Funded by The VELUX Foundations.