Circle diagram which shows which fields Centre for Military Studies is involved in

About the centre

The Centre for Military Studies focuses on the following research areas:

  • The Arctic, Global Commons and Maritime Strategy
  • Small State Strategy, European Armed Forces in a time of Austerity and the Danish Defence Model
  • The Use and Utility of Force in Future Operations

The Centre for Military Studies is a university research centre focusing on policy-relevant research and research-based information and innovation that identify options for Denmark’s defence and security policy in a globalised world. Research at the Centre is thus a means to identify policy options in a complex, interconnected security environment. We work closely with the Danish Ministry of Defence, the Danish Armed Forces and the political level to investigate issues and develop ideas and options.

We believe that democracies make better decisions, but only if the facts are presented to public and policy-makers in ways that clearly identify choices and risks. Therefore, we carefully consider the means by which we communicate our findings and the ways in which we facilitate dialogue. We use considerable resources to inform the public and policy-makers on our findings and comment on current affairs.

The Centre seeks to bridge the inherently global nature of security issues and security actors and the national Danish foreign, security and defence policy discourse. It does so by utilising Scandinavian traditions for a meaningful dialogue between industry, civil-society, parliament, officials and the armed forces. The Centre is a go-to-place for dialogue and policy-options. The Centre harnesses concepts, trends and evidence into tools for understanding and acting on Danish defence and security issues.