Summer School (Danish)

Summer school on Danish defence policy and strategic studies, Department of Political Science, Centre for Military Studies (CMS).
Henrik Breitenbauch, subject coordinator (
Student guidance: 
Study administration: Hanne Krak (

Center for Military Studies (CMS) once again held its summer school in Danish defence policy and strategic studies on Department of Political Science, Copenhagen University.  

The summer school was held from the 8-18th of August 2016 with an exam deadline in the end of week 34

The summer school gives students interested in security and defense policy an opportunity to concentrate on strategic analyses of Danish defense policy and security studies. 

The summer school encircles an academic community where the students get to take part in a network with students with a similar interest for military strategy. The teaching is case-based and aims to include and engage the students in concrete analysis.

The participants get a unique chance to learn about the Danish defense and the conditions that the defense operates under – from Mali to The Arctic. The students will meet employees on every level of the Danish defense and acquire concrete knowledge regarding the Danish defense as well as both classical and modern strategic theory.

The summer school is taught in Danish. 

Please notice that all contact regarding application, admission criteria and exam must be directed to the study administration.