F-35 Fighter Aircraft


  • New CMS report on hybrid threats

    ”Når Hydra angriber – Hybrid afskrækkelse i gråzonen mellem krig og fred” is a new report published by CMS, which focuses on Denmark as a hybrid front-line state. »
  • Well-attended CMS seminar about disinformation

    Tuesday 17 September CMS hosted a public seminar on the strategic dimensions of disinformation. Experts from the Swedish Research Defence Agency, Lund University and Oxford University took part in the seminar and discussed the subject from three different perspectives. The seminar was moderated by André Ken Jakobsson from the Centre for Military Studies. »
  • Public hearing on military cyber security

    CMS held a public hearing on military cyber security on Wednesday, 11 September, in collaboration with the Defence Committee of the Danish Parliament. Experts from both the US and Europe were invited to discuss »

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