23. maj 2017

Options for Enhancing Nordic–Baltic Defence and Security Cooperation

The Nordic–Baltic region is located as a geopolitical buffer zone between the great power interests of the East and the West. As external pressures are rising with an assertive Russia to the east and uncertainties about US NATO guarantees to the west, compounded by an uncertain EU, the region is challenged to respond, particularly in the areas of defence and security

This was the background for a workshop that was held at the Centre for Military Studies in March 2017 consisting of 25 regional experts, all weighing in on the current status and possible future venues for Nordic–Baltic defence and security cooperation.

The report "Options for Enhancing Nordic–Baltic Defence and Security Cooperation -An Explorative Survey" reflects this, as it provides a brief institutional survey of the main regional defence and security collaborations and follows up with numerous options for future Nordic–Baltic cooperation. Among these are a Nordic–Baltic ‘Schengen for Defence’, Baltic NORDEFCO membership, adaption of NB8 to be the principal regional venue for defence and security dialogue and Nordic–Baltic table-top exercises. 

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