20 December 2017

New CMS-report covers Danish Defence’s stabilisation contribution

Stabilisation is an important tool

Stabilisation is an important tool when it comes to preventing challenges and security threats from the Southern Flank. Still, the stabilisation missions constitutes a small share of the Danish Defence’s joint ressources.

Thus, the report emphasizes how the Danish Defence, through stabilisation missions,  is equipped when it comes to preventing distinct security challenges such as radicalisation, fragile state structures, criminal activity across borders and finally refugee flows.

The purpose is to analyse the operationalization of stabilisation missions

The aim of the report is to analyse how the Danish Defence’s stabilisation missions are being operationalized in the organisation, with an eye to raised security in Denmark.

Hence the report focus on the special stabilisation missions of “Freds- og Stabiliseringsfonden” (the Peace and Stabilisation Foundation), and not on the military operations' contribution to stabilisation.

The operationalization is being analysed by answering two questions

  1. Firstly, the the concept of stabilisation in a Danish context is being illustrated, both as a political ambition and in relation to the concrete stabilisation missions of the Defence.
  2. Secondly, the operationalization is being mapped by the Defence’s structures and processes of bringing about contributions in international stabilisation missions.

Recommendations are divided in three levels

The last section of the report presents recommendations on three levels: on a political level, on a ministerial and cross-ministerial level and finally on an operational level.

Read more about the report in Danish and download it here.