14 August 2023

New CMS Report: US Defense and Security Policy in Change

American defense and security policy is changing, and the great power competition with China and partly Russia is the overriding focus that sets the framework for the Biden administration's defense and security policy line. This state of competition characterizes American defense and security policy and is not least defining for the American self-perception as a great power.

The new CMS report "U.S. Defense and Security Policy in Change: Deterrence, Alliances, and Technological Dominance in a New Era of Security Policy" examines how the Biden administration is handling this shift both strategically and in practice, and how it is expressed in the transatlantic relationship. The report zooms in on changes within three central dimensions - deterrence policy, alliance and partnership policy and technology policy - and takes a closer look at the significance of the changes for Denmark.

The report is in Danish but contains an abstract and recommendations in English.

Read the report here.