6 October 2021

New CMS Report: Technology competition: Strategic implications for the West and Denmark

New CMS Report: Technology Competition: Strategic Implications for the West and Denmark

The Centre for Military Studies has today published the report “Technology Competition: Strategic Implications for the West and Denmark”. The report is authored by Henrik Breitenbauch, head of Centre for Military Studies, and Tobias Liebetrau, postdoc at Centre de Recherches Internationales, Sciences Po.

Technology plays a significant part in the growing great power competition as well as in maintaining political, economic and military power. As a result, great power competition to a large extent unfolds as a technology competition, the aim of which is to achieve economic and military dominance. In the light of Denmark’s position as a small power, the report analyzes what influence the technology competition may exert on defense and security policy.

The analysis identifies three options for how Denmark, including during the upcoming Defense Agreement, might handle the challenges posed by the technology competition.

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