21 December 2018

New CMS report: Engagement and containment

Today, CMS publishes a new report “Engagement & afskærmning – strategiske pejlemærker for Europas syddagsorden.

The report unpacks the complex problems stemming from the neighboring regions to the south and southeast of Europe and recommends that the European decision makers should adopt a more clearly prioritized strategic approach to the management of these problems. The authors identify and presents ‘engagement’ and ‘containment’ as two ideal typical strategic points of orientation, that can serve as overall strategic means to structure relevant prioritizations and decisions. By highlighting the choice between engagement and containment, the report offers a new, more strategic perspective on Europe’s southern agenda which is of crucial importance to European and Danish security. Hence, the report sets out a series of recommendation on how Denmark can actively seek to set the agenda on the matter in EU and in discussions with the big European states.

The report is in Danish, but the abstract and policy recommendations are also in English.

The report can be read here.