28. april 2017

Strengthening and Renewing UN Peace Operations

Map showing places where United Nations Peacekeeping operations takes places

The present report provides an overview of the suggested reforms and the analytical reports that underpin the emerging reform efforts of UN peace operations. 

The reforms aim to strengthen the military side and revitalize the diplomatic aspects of peace operations. In short, the UN peace operations are facing a number of political and practical challenges. The political challenges stem from the opposing views among member states concerning the UN’s role in international politics. 

These views are outlined in a chapter on the political context for reforms and in subsequent chapters on military and diplomatic means it is then illustrated how these differences unfold in concrete terms.

Finally, the report sets out a number of recommendations for how Denmark might possibly contribute to strengthening the UN as a useful instrument for Danish security policy. The recommendations build on opportunities presented by the synergies in the reform process and on ways to diminish the risk of unintended consequences and contradictions.