6. februar 2013

Risk-taking in Danish development aid

Military capacity building has increasingly become an integral part of Danish defence. Military capacity is a new way of thinking Danish defence and poses a new set of challenges and opportunities for the Danish military and the Political leadership.

On the 12th of december, PhD. Candidate Josefine Kühnel Larsen and researcher Lars Bangert Struwe of CMS had organized a seminar in collaboration with Royal Danish Defense College and the East African Security Governance Network.

The seminar focused on some of the risks involved in Military capacity building and how these risks are dealt with from a macro level, in terms of political decision-making, and on a micro level by furthering understandings of the local context.

Taking the example of Rwanda, risk-taking vis-à-vis development aid was explored, and the results and subthemes of the presentations and ensuing discussion can be found by clicking here.