9. maj 2023

CMS Conference: Critical infrastructure protection in the Baltic Sea

Critical infrastructure

The conference is organized by the Centre for Military Studies (CMS) in cooperation with parliamentarian and Chairman of the Danish Parliament Defense Committee Rasmus Jarlov at Proviantsalen, Christiansborg, on Friday 26 May 2023

This conference will highlight some of the most pertinent dimensions of critical infrastructure protection in the Baltic Sea and discuss their implications for Denmark and the region.

The challenges facing our maritime infrastructure have become (incredibly) topical, as the Baltic Sea has been propelled into the limelight of European security and defense policy due to Russia’s attack on Ukraine, the energy crisis as well as the recent sabotage against Nord Stream. The Baltic Sea is home to a variety of energy, communication and shipping infrastructures that are crucial for European national economies and societies. The conference will therefore discuss the threats, weaknesses and solutions concerning critical maritime infrastructure.

Read more about the event and register no later than May 25.