Seminar: Baltic Security and Hybrid Warfare

How does the threat of hybrid warfare challenge the security of the Baltic region today and what responses exist? How can individual countries mitigate this challenge and how can NATO increase the cooperation among allies exposed to similar types of threats? 

Lithuanian soldiers

The Baltic security environment has been unsettled since the Russian use of hybrid warfare techniques in Ukraine 2014. To raise awareness of the new type of threats as well as to discuss how to tackle them, Centre for Military Studies has the great pleasure of inviting you to the seminar “Baltic Security and Hybrid Warfare”.

Speakers at the seminar will be:

  • Eitvydas Bajarūnas, Ambassador at large, Lithuanian Foreign Ministry
  • Gary Schaub, Senior Researcher, Centre for Military Studies

Mr. Bajarūnas is a long time serving diplomat and former ambassador to Sweden. Currently Mr. Bajarūnas is coordinating national efforts aimed at identifying vulnerabilities and strengthening resilience to hybrid warfare.

Mr. Schaub is a senior researcher at Centre for Military Studies and has, among other things, co-authored the report “Hybrid Maritime Warfare and the Baltic Sea Region” which gives a number of recommendations on how to tackle hybrid maritime warfare in the Baltic Sea Region. You can read more about the report here.

The moderator of the seminar is Deputy Director  Kristian Søby Kristensen, Centre for Military Studies.

Register here, no later than 30 October.

Due to the great public interest in the seminar, the venue is changed to room 1.1.18 (building 1, first floor, room 18)