16 May 2013

Keep Cool

If one phrase encapsulates the work done at the Centre
for Military Studies on Greenland and the Arctic it is
‘Keep Cool’. In the public debate as well as in the academic
literature on the security consequences of climate change
in the Arctic, much energy has been spent on discussing
the potential conflicts arising from territorial claims of the
Arctic states, as well as the growing interests in the region
from outside powers. National debates and academic
positions vary in their conclusions on the Arctic and the
role played by Arctic developments in the national defence

This brief summarizes the findings of a number of reports
published in Danish by the Centre for Military Studies and
its predecessor the Danish Institute for Military Studies. The
findings of these reports have been used to provide advice
to the Defence Command Denmark, the Danish Ministry of
Defence and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Further,
we have briefed the Danish Parliament on our findings and
lectured extensively on these issues in Denmark and abroad.

You can download the report by clicking here