15 November 2016

What should US allies expect from president-elect Trump?

From Canberra to Copenhagen, US allies are holding the breath and crossing their fingers that president-elect Trump does not mean everything he said during the presidential campaign.

At the same time, Trump’s rhetoric has made senior researcher at Center for Military Studies Henrik Breitenbauch asses that the biggest threat to NATO security currently is “Trump’s perception of what Putin is up to.”

This analysis features in the American news media CS Monitor and refers to how the future president so far has not paid attention to Western intelligence agencies warnings that Putin is attempting to divide the West and undermine NATO’s collective defence structure.

Instead, the president-elect has during the campaign raised uncertainty of the future of the alliance with statements like “Either they pay up … or they have to get out. And if it breaks up NATO, it breaks up NATO.”

Read the whole analysis from CS Monitor here, where also the future relations to allies as South Korea and Australia are discussed.