2 June 2017

New report: The European order and deterrence

Since the Russian annexation of Crimea in 2014, relations between the West and Russia have deteriorated. The European security order which enabled peaceful coexistence and progress in the two decades following the end of the Cold War is now much less stable. The new situation marks the end of the post-Cold War era as well as of the prospect of a ‘normalisation’ of the relationship between Russia and the West. 

From this starting point, a new Centre for Military Studies report (published in Danish) examines three significant aspects of the new situation. First, the response of the West since 2014 – primarily focused on NATO’s collective defence and deterrence of Russia – is discussed. Second, we analyse Russia as a geopolitical challenge including a review of policies and practices. Third, and on this basis, we assess the current challenge to the European order, rooted in Russia’s longlasting ambivalence and conflictual approach towards Europe and the West. Finally, we discuss broad initiatives to reduce uncertainty and identify the concern with the European security order as a particular challenge and responsibility for the West.

Read the full english abstract including recommendations as well as the full report (in Danish) here.