2 November 2016

Terror at Sea

Problems at sea arises on land. Thus sounds one of the main points put forward by security analysist Ulrik Trolle Smed, who Tuesday was guest in the P1 radio program “Drones and canons”.

This week’s topic was terror at sea, and the broadcast amongst other things discussed the risk of terrorist organisations attacking passenger ships or using oil tankers as weapons.

At the same time, the problem was put in a topical context, where Houthi-rebels have shot missiles at ships in the Bab al-Mandab strait, and where the Islamic State has threatened to attack ferries in the channel between France and Great Britain.

“One way of being ahead of the development is to make sure to meet the people who are being recruited to these terror groups differently, in order for them not go feel marginalised – they need a job, they need a future,” Ulrik Trolle Smed said in the broadcast.

The analysis relied on the Center for Military Studies’ report “Maritime security and development in Africa,” which is written by Ulrik Trolle Smed and puts forward three future scenarios for maritime security in Africa: the Money Machine, the Silk Road and the Terror Trap.

Find more perspectives in the report “Maritime security and development in Africa”.