6 March 2024

Senior Researcher Maria Mälksoo publishes new article: ”NATO's new front: deterrence moves eastward”

Maria Mälksoo, Professor at the Centre for Military Studies and the Department of Political Science, has published a new article, ”NATO’s new front: deterrence moves eastward”, in the journal International Affairs.

The article asks why NATO has taken so long in adapting its deterrence strategy to Russian revisionism and extending its military presence in the exposed eastern flank. NATO’s Enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) in Poland and the Baltic states is used empirically as a critical case for examining the changing understandings of allied deterrence in the post-post-Cold War era, and to explore what political rationalities underpin this development.

The article is part of the EU-funded RITUAL DETERRENCE project, led by Maria Mälksoo, which provides a sociological and comparative investigation of deterrence as a social practice across different dimensions and types of deterrence on crucial contemporary and historical cases. The project aims to offer a comprehensive rethinking of the performance, credibility and presumed political and psychological effects of deterrence.

Read the article here.

For more information on the RITUAL DETERRENCE project, click here.