13 December 2016

Partnerships require leadership

Even though most NATO-countries are underlining the importance of partners in handling today’s security challenges, no one assumes the necessary leadership to strengthen NATO’s partnership-agenda. This is the message from CMS’ Laura Hollænder Schousboe in her analysis, published in Ræson,  that unravels the major challenges and limited options for NATO’s partnership-policy in an era where a lack of political leadership makes it hard for NATO to transform its slogans into action.   

Read the analysis (requires subscription), that also touches upon the member-states’ fundamental disagreements on the identity and political course of the alliance, via this link (Danish): http://raeson.dk/2016/natos-oenske-om-at-sikre-sine-graenser-gennem-partnerskaber-er-mere-snak-end-handling/

If you don’t have a subscription for Ræson, or if you want a more detailed analysis, you can look forward to the beginning of 2017 where CMS will publish a report on the same topic.