24 May 2017

New report on Nordic-Baltic defence cooperation.

CMS publishes a new report titled  "Options for Enhancing Nordic–Baltic Defence and Security Cooperation - An Explorative Survey". The report explores options which could enhance the security environment in the Baltic-Nordic area where it is increasingly deteriorating. These options are presented through four dimensions of defence and security cooperation: Political level options, force generation options, force employment options and security and resilience options.

The background for the report is a workshop that was held at the Centre for Military Studies in March 2017 consisting of 25 regional experts, all weighing in on the current status and possible future venues for Nordic–Baltic defence and security cooperation

The report is written by senior researcher Henrik Breitenbauch, senior researcher Kristian Søby Kristensen, senior researcher Gary Schaub Jr., research assistant André Ken Jakobsson and military analyst Mark Winther.

The report is available by clicking here.