31 January 2018

New Defense Agreement extends support for the Centre for Military Studies

On Sunday 28 January, a very broad majority of political parties in Danish parliament, Folketinget, agreed to a new defence agreement. The agreement covers the period 2018-2023. As part of the agreement, the parties to the defence agreement decided to continue the cooperation with the University of Copenhagen’s Centre for Military Studies.

In extending the cooperation, the agreement stipulates an increased focus on issues related to the Baltic Sea area and cyber questions.  The decision extends the current level of funding, and also adds a new grant meant for research on international legal challenges related to international operations, new technologies such as cyber issues and drones.

The Centre for Military Studies was established as an independent research unit at the University of Copenhagen in 2010, following the defence agreement 2010-2014. This is the third time that Centre for Military Studies’ grant has been extended.

With an increased grant, KU’s Centre for Military Studies will enhance research on risks of cyberattacks, drones and high-tech combat remedies. At the same time, the Baltic Sea area will gain more attention the following years.