15 May 2023

New CMS Report: Over-the-Horizon Counterterrorism

The report "Over-the-Horizon Counterterrorism - Implications of the new Western approach to counterterrorism", authored by Tore Refslund Hamming, identifies how the shift in global counterterrorism efforts is changing. Where terrorism has previously been fought through extensive land operations, an 'over-the-horizon' doctrine is now used, which risks strengthening international terrorist groups.

The report examines the military withdrawals from Afghanistan and Mali and argues that they are the latest examples of this shift complicating local counterterrorism efforts.

In both countries, terrorist groups now experience better conditions, as a lessening of military pressure on the terrorist groups risks giving them room to rebuild themselves. At the same time, alternative actors such as the Taliban and the Wagner Group are increasingly taking over responsibility for the fight against terror.

The report recommends that Denmark should define a new strategy for which international contributions should be prioritized, as the shift to over-the-horizon also has an impact on Denmark's commitment.

This includes, among other things, a more extensive approach to the fight against terror, in which the strengthening of non-military efforts can play a role, as well as the building of capabilities in the field of intelligence and the establishment of air bases in the areas concerned.

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