30 November 2023

New CMS Report: Military Data Translation and Digital Transformation

The rapid development of digital technology such as big data, AI, and the Internet of Things is becoming increasingly significant for Danish security and defense policy.

These developments, opportunities and challenges are the topics that Katja Lindskov Jacobsen and Anders Theis Bollmann analyze in the new CMS Report Military Data Translation and Digital Transformation: Experiences from Ukraine and focus areas for the Danish defense.

Through an examination of Ukrainian experiences and the latest developments, the report provides valuable insights into what can be learned from Ukrainian strategies and measures. The war in Ukraine is an example of how the ability to acquire data has become crucial in military operations, as they have used homemade apps, which are able to illustrate updated maps of the battlefield, combined with data from sensors, satellites, drones, etc., enabling them to make decisions much faster than the Russians.

Recommendations of the report:

A significant challenge to a successful digital transformation arises in the collaboration between military domain specialists and the new types of data specialists that is often caused by the lack of a common understanding.

On this basis, the report recommends using 'military data translation' to ensure effective collaboration. The concept describes the various practices and processes that can help mediate the challenges between different professional groups.

The report also recommends that the Danish defense conducts a mapping of existing initiatives, recruits more data specialists, develops collaboration guidelines with tech companies, and strengthens skills in military data translation within the organization.

Download the report here (in Danish - abstract and recommendations available in English).