10 June 2020

New CMS report examines Denmark’s use of offensive cyber power

Denmark is increasingly exposed to harmful cyber incidents that fall below the threshold of war. Accumulated over time, they do cause significant harm to the Danish society. The CMS report “Dansk offensiv cybermagt mellem angreb, spionage og forsvar” seeks to support and qualify the discussion on Denmark’s use of offensive cyber power to counter harmful cyber operations by 1) elucidating its national and international framework respectively, 2) comparing and analyzing discussions and initiatives on the topic in the Netherlands, Norway and France 3) and identifying key issues at political-strategic, legal and organizational level that Denmark should act upon in order to achieve the best possible configuration of Danish defence.  

Finally, the report provides recommendations for future Danish initiatives in this area. The recommendations are directed at both members of parliament and state authorities.

The report (in Danish), with abstract and recommendations in English, can be accessed here.