16 December 2022

New CMS Report: Climatising Security Policy

A fundamental challenge for traditional security actors is not to have their security, operational effectiveness, and the stability of their strategic environment compromised, either by climate change or its national and international mitigation efforts. Climate change sets a moving agenda for international and national security actors, providing them both with manifold trials but also with an opportunity to rethink the deficiencies and bottlenecks of their existing security policies, practices, and relationships.

A new CMS report “Climatising Security Policy: A Panorama and Implications for Denmark” investigates the emerging international landscape on ‘climatising’ security policies that Denmark must navigate. Methodical stock-taking of the emerging trends in climate change management through security policies globally, regionally, and nationally provides a basis for forward thinking in the Euro-Atlantic area, helping to set the parameters of security policy planning and action for Denmark.