1 June 2018

New article: “Sea of Peace” or Sea of War? Russian Maritime Hybrid Warfare in the Baltic Sea

‘Little green men’ appeared in the streets of Sevastopol overnight on February 26–27, 2014. The tools used to take the territory of Crimea were not only military conventional  but rather informational, psychological, and economic – in essence, the little green men deployed in Crimea constituted hybrid warfare. 

Hybrid warfare as deployed by Russia in Crimea and subsequently in eastern Ukraine has received considerable analytical coverage. By comparison, hybrid warfare at sea has received rather less consideration.

Article in Naval War College Review
Senior researcher at Centre for Military Studies, Gary Schaub Jr. sheds light on the aspects of hybrid warfare at sea in his new article in Naval War College Review: “Sea of Peace” or Sea of War? Russian Maritime Hybrid Warfare in the Baltic Sea. The article is co-authored by Senior Research Fellow Martin N. Murphy (Dalhousie University, Halifax) and sheds light on the concept of hybrid warfare, emphasizing its political and information dimensions, and suggests how it can be applied in and from the Baltic Sea itself. 

Finally, the article outlines two possible scenarios for a Russian campaign in the Baltic Sea Region and proposes measures that the Baltic States can take to mitigate the effects of a possible Russian hybrid maritime aggression.

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