8 November 2017

New article: Denmark must consider the changing US' Africa policy

The current understanding of the international engagement of the US after Donald Trump is that we are seeing a declining US engagement. In this article, senior researcher at CMS, Katja Lindskov Jacobsen highlights that Trump’s Africa engagement is about more than just retreat.

When it comes to development policies and institutionalized forms of multilateral engagement, the involvement of the US in Africa is diminishing. Yet, as Lindskov Jacobsen argues, this is only one dimension. Other types of engagement, such as the fight against maritime crime, continue as ‘business as usual’, and others again, including the military counter-terror involvement of the US in Somalia and Niger, have been intensified.

These three dimensions of American engagement in Africa (decline, business as usual and intensification) must all be taken into account when contemplating the future of Danish-American security collaboration.  

The article is published in Danish at the media Ræson and can be accessed here.