7 July 2022

Kevin Jon Heller publishes new article on the possibilities of prosecuting Russia's invasion of Ukraine

Professor Kevin Jon Heller has published the article “Options for Prosecuting Russian Aggression Against Ukraine: A Critical Analysis” in the Journal of Genocide Research. The article examines the international possibilities for prosecuting the leaders responsible for Russian aggression.

The legal possibilities for an international response to the war in Ukraine

In the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, there is widespread agreement in the global north that Russian leaders should be held accountable for their aggression. On the question of "how", there is however not the same agreement. While some believe that the International Criminal Court (ICC) is the right arena, there are others who believe that a more ad hoc international court, perhaps supported by the Council of Europe, is more appropriate, and finally there are some who advocate a national prosecution by Ukraine itself. In this article Kevin Jon Heller examines these different possibilities for international prosecution, based on a legal assessment of the Russian aggression in Ukraine.

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