17 November 2017

Interview: Gary Schaub Jr. on the Nordic regional effects of the procurements of the F-35

In a recent online article published on Breakingdefense.com senior researcher at Centre for Military Studies, Dr. Gary Schaub Jr., gives his perspective on how the Nordic states procurement of the F-35 military aircrafts might influence the Nordic States regional deterrence approach to Russia.

“The Nordics are looking for practical ways ahead on credible deterrence with regard to the Russians. The suggestions of a Britain or US could smooth over the small barriers that might keep these otherwise pragmatic nations from doing what is in their own, and their region’s, common interests.”

According to Gary Schaub Jr., the procurement of the F-35s presents a huge opportunity to shape a more proactive Nordic defense and security agenda. As the F35’s enters the Nordic region an American Administration gains an opportunity to leverage the common assets to shape a more common and proactive effort towards regional defense and security.

You can read the full article here.