7 July 2022

International Workshop: The Crisis of Liberal Interventionism and the Return of War

On 4-5 July, CMS co-cohosted a workshop on the crisis of liberal interventionism and the return of war, at the University of Copenhagen. The workshop was financed under the Carlsberg Foundation Grant CF22-0019, and was organized jointly by Dr. Cornelia Baciu (Centre for Military Studies and Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen), Dr. Falk Ostermann (Kiel University, Germany) and Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wagner (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Netherlands).

The workshop responded to the need to better understand changes in countries’ foreign policies, the return of violence and the erosion of liberal norms. By bringing together experts on liberal interventionism, peacebuilding, and security policy, the workshop shed more light on the transformation of security and foreign policies in the aftermath of ‘Afghanistan’ and ‘Ukraine’ as well as on decade-long debates on global governance and peacebuilding.


  • Anna Geis, Ursula Schröder (Helmut Schmidt University; IFSH) - Global consequences of the war in Ukraine: The last straw for liberal interventionism?
  • Kaweh Kerami (SOAS University of London) - Why some interventions fail: some lessons from Afghanistan (2001-21) (Watch video)
  • Aisha Younus (Quad-i-Azam University Islamabad) - The Crisis of Liberal Interventionism and the Return of War: A Case of Afghanistan (Watch video)
  • Mateja Peter (St. Andrews University) - The new terrain of political transitions: what the global fracturing means for our understandings and approaches to conflict management (Watch video)
  • Valerio Vignoli; Francesco Baraldi (University of Milan) - Peace at home, conflict abroad: ideology, mission type, and parliamentary support for military interventions (Watch video)
  • Atsushi Tago (Waseda University) - Unilateral Interventionism and Fear of Isolation: The Cases of Two Liberal Democracies - Japan and Israel (Watch video)
  • Justin Massie/Marco Munier (Université du Québec à Montréal) - From Counterinsurgency to Proxy Warfare: The Evolution of Canadian and Italian Defense Postures in a Multipolar World Order
  • Florian Böller & Georg Wenzelburger (Technische Universität Kaiserslautern) - Grasping Security Policy Change: Conditions of Change and the Case of Sweden after 2022
  • Patrick Mello (Technical University of Munich) - Lessons of Kabul and Kyiv: German Foreign Policy, the Withdrawal from Afghanistan, and Russia’s War against Ukraine (Watch video)
  • Hager Ali (GIGA Hamburg) - German Military Deployments from the 1990s Through Today: Discrepancies between ideal Weissbuch-Priorities and real Mission-Requirements
  • Gorm Rye Olsen (Roskilde University) - The rumors of the crisis of liberal interventionism are greatly exaggerated (Watch video)
  • Katja Lindskov Jacobsen (University of Copenhagen) - Infrastructural aspects of liberal interventionism
  • Israel Nyaburi Nyadera (Egerton University of Kenya) - The Ethiopian Government – Tigrayan Conflict. A Crisis With Responsibility to Protect (online) (Watch video)