25 October 2016

Hybrid Maritime Warfare

Russian use of hybrid warfare techniques to seize the territory of Crimea in 2014 has unsettled the security environment in Europe. This strategy has raised concern that Russia will be using such techniques in the Baltic Sea region as well and NATO leaders have agreed to policies countering this possibility.

Dr. Gary Schaub Jr., Senior Researcher at the Centre for Military Studies, has been working extensively on this issue and in relation to this he will be giving at presentation on "Hybrid Maritime Warfare and the Baltic Sea" at the U.S. National Defence University (NDU) in Washington.

The presentation is a part of a workshop hosted by NDU program on Irregular Warfare and Dr. Gary Schaub Jr. will be joined by Dr. F. Hoffman, Ms. Susan Stepanovich, Dr. T.X Hammes, Sir Lawrence Freedman and Max Kelly in discussing "Maritime Security and Hybrid Threats".

Dr. Gary Schaub Jr., in cooperation with Martin Murphy and Frank G. Hoffman, will later this year publish a Centre for Military Studies report titled "Hybrid Maritime Warfare and the Baltic Sea Region".