26 November 2020

Henrik Breitenbauch panelist in webinar on Britain and the Western Baltic at Cambridge University

CMS Director Henrik Breitenbauch participated in the webinar “Britain the Western Baltic” hosted by the Cambridge University on 18 November. The panel discussed Britain’s long historic role in the Western Baltic as a starting point for a discussion of the United Kingdom’s future role in the region. As a NATO member state the UK will continue to deliver security, but what role Britain will play in the region after Brexit is a more open question. The webinar was moderated by former Home Secretary Charles Clarkes. The panelists were Nicola Clase (Swedish Ambassador to Finland), Angela Huang (Head of Research Centre for Hanseatic and Baltic History, Lübeck) and Henrik Breitenbauch (Director at the Centre for Military Studies, University of Copenhagen). The event is a part of a broader series on Britain and the Baltic at Cambridge University.

Watch or listen to the event here.