3 May 2017

CMS co-hosts a workshop on conflict and space

Will space once again be a place of conflict? And can we agree on a code of conduct for regulating space conflicts? After the Space Race during the Cold War and the initial UN space treaties providing the current legal regime for outer space, it has for some time seemed as space could be peacefully regulated. However, in the 21st Century, the nature and dynamics of conflict are changing.

Last Friday, Centre for Military Studies co-hosted an international workshop ‘Conflict and Space: A Concept in Transition’ in cooperation with the  Centre for International Law, Conflict and Crisis. The workshop brought together researchers from political science and law to discuss both rules, resources and weapons systems in space.

The participants included Todd Harrison, Aerospace Security Project and CSIS, Michael Krepon, Stimson Center,  and Everett Dolman from United States Air Command and Staff College. CMS’ Gary Schaub also participated in a panel at the workshop, where CMS’ Henrik Breitenbauch was moderator.