5 July 2019

CMS Senior Researcher appointed to Pentagon Post

Congratulations to Gary Schaub Jr., whom has been appointed to be the Senior Advisor on Professional Military Education to the U.S. Secretary of Defense. He will take a leave of absence from the Centre for Military Studies to pursue this opportunity from 1 August 2019.

“After many years providing policy advice from the outside, whether in the United States or at CMS, I am honored to have the opportunity to have a more direct impact on defence policy. Military leaders are professionals, experts in the management and use of organized violence on behalf of the state - and thus the citizenry - and they require high levels of education to acquire the competencies required to bear these responsibilities effectively and ethically. More than 10,000 military personnel, including many from allies and partners such as Denmark, are educated in American military schools each year, and this position provides the chance to impact the professional development of each of them. Military personnel and technology have been key areas of my research at CMS and I look forward to applying what I have done here to the challenges ahead,” Gary Schaub Jr. says.

“We at CMS are tremendously proud of Gary Schaub’s new appointment. It is a testimony not only to Gary’s hard work on real world issues, but also to our shared CMS culture of employing academic research to develop useful, applicable knowledge about strategic affairs. This is a very tangible form of academic impact”, CMS Director Henrik Breitenbauch states.

Gary Schaub Jr. has been employed as Senior Researcher at CMS since December 2011, and before that, he was employed as Assistant Professor at Air War College, Air University, Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama USA.