29 March 2019

CMS researchers win International Affairs Early Career Prize

Congratulations to Katja Lindskov Jacobsen and Troels Gauslå Engell, who has just won the International Affairs Early Career Prize 2019 for their article: Conflict prevention as pragmatic response to a twofold crisis.

'Early warning' or 'early aggression'? 
With the Burundian unrest (2015-2016) as their case, the researchers argue that while conflict prevention is sometimes presented as a pragmatic retreat from 'intervening', it is better understood as a different mode of intervention. This conclusion contradicts the popular opinion held by the international society and, in particular, the UN. Thus, 'early warning' can also be perceived as 'early aggression'.

The prize is awarded to talented young researchers based on a comprehensive selection process. Read the entire article here.