17 October 2022

CMS Researcher Cornelia Baciu publishes a Special Issue of Defence Studies

Cornelia Baciu has published a Special Issue of Defence Studies on interpolarity. The Special Issue argues that the notion of polarity remains relevant to the contemporary international security order.

The Special Issue introduces the notion of interpolarity, which captures the conceptual link between different levels of governance, interaction and enactment (such as the local, the national and the international levels) which can be seen as sites of agency, knowledge production and power struggles. Thereby it challenges the traditional understandings of multipolarity and unipolarity. Empirically, the Special Issue draws on the case of European security order as part of the Liberal International Order. Inclusion of the BRICS allows the Special Issue to include perspectives from the Global South.

In addition to being co-editor, Cornelia Baciu has also contributed to three articles in the Special Issue. You can read more about the Special Issue here and access the articles here.