11 April 2024

CMS project HYBRINAT receives grant from Research Council, Faroe Islands

CMS Researcher, Tobias Liebetrau, has received a grant from the Faroese Research Council for the project Hybrid Threats in the North Atlantic (HYBRINAT). This research initiative aims to examine how the North Atlantic security situation is impacted by changes in international security politics, stemming from intensified great power rivalry, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, challenges to the institutional liberal world order, climate change and the weaponization of trade, technology, and supply chains. 

The transforming security landscape underscores the urgent need to comprehend both short- and medium-term hybrid threats and to initiate a debate on mitigation strategies for The Faroe Islands, Greenland and Denmark. Accordingly, the research project delves into various hybrid threats, offering actionable recommendations to how national and regional actors and sectors across the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Denmark can implement effective governance measures to alleviate the threats.