11 February 2016

CMS again #19 on international think tank list


Centre for Military Studies at the University of Copenhagen is once again number 19 out of 85 international think tanks in the category 'Defense and National Security'. This acknowledgement marks the third consecutive year for CMS amongst the top 20, and shows a continuous visibility and relevance of the Centre's work.

For the second year in a row, Centre for Military Studies comes in 19th among the world's most trusted councellors on defense and national security. In 2014 it was ranked #20. 

The ranking is done by the University of Pennsylvania’s Think Tank and Civil Societies Program. Since 2007 it has established an annual panel consisting of several thousand experts with deep knowledge about think tanks with the aim of ranking their colleagues. This year 6.846 think tanks were ranked within 52 different categories.

Read more about the ranking and access this year's report here.

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Centre for Military Studies
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