6 March 2018

Capacity Building For Maritime Security

On March 1-2, Senior Researcher Katja Lindskov Jacobsen participated in a meeting (Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia) and a Symposium on maritime crime both held in Nairobi, Kenya. Jacobsen is currently working on an analysis of maritime crime trends in the Western Indian Ocean region, a collaborative project with UNODC's Global Maritime Crime Programme

Tackling Maritime Security Challenges in the Region

At the SafeSeas High-Level Symposium, Jacobsen chaired on a panel on Fisheries Crime in the Western Indian Ocean region.

Responding to maritime security challenges, such as piracy, drugs smuggling and illegal fishing, requires not only significant law enforcement capacities but also information sharing tools and working maritime governance structures. Thus, the SafeSeas High-Level Symposium focused on capacity building for maritime security, highlighting past experiences and asking how maritime capacity building can be more efficiently delivered and coordinated.

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