13 February 2023

Call for Papers: "Re-Imagining the International: Norms, Ontological Security & the International Organization"

Researcher at CMS Cornelia Baciu is chairing the section "Re-Imagining the International: Norms, Ontological Security & the International Organization" at the 16th Pan-European Conference on International Relations, Potsdam September 5-9 2023.

Proposals for papers, panels and roundtables can be submitted until 15 March 2023 at: http://pec2023.eisa-net.org/abstract-submission/.

More information about EISA PEC is available here: http://pec2023.eisa-net.org/.

Section theme:

The enforcement of international law is a prerequisite for normalization of relations, whether in the communal daily life or diplomatic level of states. Norms have been crucial in the stability of the international institutional, legal and organizational architecture that has been established after the Second World War, and in providing a sense of ontological security and normality. However, in the last decade, norms and international organizations have been increasingly contested. Changing state imaginaries, practices of (non-)recognition or new meanings can hinder the implementation of international norms and law, whether treaty law or customary law. The rationale of this section is as follows: Just like the end of the Second World War or the fall of the Berlin Wall, the war in Ukraine and the withdrawal from Afghanistan constitute tipping points in the international institutional architecture, inviting us to re-imagine the international and how ontological security as a stable mode of continuity can be established for all states.

This section seeks to shed light on the intricate dynamics of norms change, ontological security and the implications for law enforcement and the international organization as a building block of order. To this end, this Section aims to discuss: 1) processes of making of legal and institutional orders, 2) the evolution of norms and norm change and 3) its reverberations on ontological security, law enforcement and new visions of order.