5 May 2022

Call for Papers - The Crisis of Liberal Interventionism and the Return of War, Workshop, 4-5 July 2022

We invite abstract submissions of up to 500 words for an international workshop on the crisis of liberal interventionism and the return of war, taking place at the University of Copenhagen, on 4-5 July 2022. Papers should explore how liberal interventionism has changed, analyze the changing domestic politics of security and defense, or examine changes in civil-military relations on the one side and the understandings of peace and security (physical, material, human, ontological, etc.) on the other side.

The workshop is financed under the Carlsberg Foundation Grant CF22-0019, and is organized jointly by Dr. Cornelia Baciu (Centre for Military Studies and Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen), Dr. Falk Ostermann (University of Giessen, Germany) and Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wagner (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Netherlands).

This workshop responds to the need to better understand changes in countries’ foreign policies, the return of violence and the erosion of liberal interventionism. The main objective of the workshop is to unpack the dynamics of the critical juncture in the liberal internationalist order that results from the almost simultaneous withdrawal from Afghanistan and the war against Ukraine. By bringing together experts on liberal interventionism, peacebuilding, and security policy, the workshop will contribute to a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the transformation of security and foreign policies in the aftermath of ‘Afghanistan’ and ‘Ukraine’ as well as on decade-long debates on global governance and peacebuilding.

Please send your abstracts of up to 500 words along with a travel cost estimation to Cornelia Baciu (cornelia.baciu@ifs.ku.dk). The deadline for sending abstracts is 9 May 2022.

Please find an extended call for papers here.