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20. november 2012

Conference on Smart Defence

The Danish Atlantic Treaty Association and the Centre for Military Studies have the pleasure of hosting the conference 'After Chicago - Small State Strategy for Smart Defence' on Thursday, November 29, 9.00 - 15.30.

The purpose of the conference is to contribute to the theme of Smart Defence and increase the understanding of what strategy a small state member of NATO, such as Denmark, could pursue in order to promote:

  • That the Smart Defence initiative actually materializes and becomes an effective tool for the future
  • That access to shared/pooled capabilities is guaranteed
  • That the questions and challenges of sovereignty are discussed and dealt with

The conference will take place at Svanemøllens Kaserne, Ryvangs Allé 1, Building 75.

Please sign-up on or on phone 39271944 no later than Tuesday, November 27.

For more information on the conference - topics for discussion and panelists - click here.