Seminar: Women in War and Peace

How far has the development towards a broader inclusion of female soldiers come, and how do we address gender awareness in war and peace? Centre for Military Studies has the pleasure of hosting a panel discussion that will address these question and more.

Soldiers in front of tank

The United Nations has put focus on women in peacebuilding and the positive role that female peacekeepers and peacebuilders can play in securing sustainable and inclusive peace processes. At the same time steps have been taken to secure a better representation of women in the armed forces, military stereotypes have been challenged and a broader discussion of diversity in the armed forces has followed.

To address the theme of this seminar, Centre for Military Studies has invited:

  • Megan MacKenzie, Associate Professor, University of Sydney.
  • Rikke Haugegaard, Associate Professor, the Royal Danish Defence College. 
  • Gary Schaub, Senior Researcher, Centre for Military Studies.

The moderator of the seminar is Senior Researcher from Centre for Military Studies, Katja Lindskov Jacobsen.

Register here, no later than September 18th