Seminar on the Future of European Security and Defense

What will the future for European security look like? With British euro-skepticism on the rise, French unilateralism in Mali, economic and political crisis in the Euro-zone, and the US ‘pivot’ to Asia Europe’s future security and defense role is in question.

To discuss these questions and their answers the Centre for European Politics and the Centre for Military Studies host a seminar with Tomáš Valášek, President of the Central European Policy Institute, and a gifted political analyst and a keen commentator on European security issues.

The seminar will take place on Thursday, February 21, at 3:00-4:30 p.m. in room 2.1.36 at CSS.

Registration is necessary. Please send an email to no later than February 20.

Read more about the seminar here.

Read the CV of Tomáš Valášek here.