Public Seminar: A new (un)stable world order?

How will the growing competition between the United States and China impact the global order? And, does it exclusively yield negative consequences? These questions will be discussed at this public seminar, delving into the complexities of U.S.-China relationship.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine and the escalation of the war in Gaza threaten regional stability in Europe and the Middle East. However, the course of the wider international order continues to be significantly shaped by the relationship between the U.S. and China. While their increasing rivalry and territorial dispute in the South China Sea raise concerns about a potential military conflict, it is also worth exploring, how the competition between the two great powers could unfold constructively and lead to positive outcomes for regional stability and peace. CMS and the Department of Political Science have the pleasure of hosting a distinguished panel of scholars to discuss the future of U.S.-China relations and the implications for the international order.


  • Professor Kai He, Griffith University / fellow at Academy of International Affairs, Bonn
  • Associate Professor Camilla T. N. Sørensen, Royal Danish Defence College
  • Professor Emeritus Bertel Heurlin, Centre for Military Studies
Moderator: Professor Anders Wivel, Department of Political Science

Register for the seminar here no later than February 21. [REGISTRATION IS CLOSED]

About the panelists:

Kai He is a Professor of International Relations in the School of Government and International Relations at Griffith University, Australia. He is currently a fellow of the Academy of International Affairs-NRW in Bonn, Germany (January-March 2024). Among his works are After Hedging: Hard Choices for the Indo Pacific States between the US and China (co-authored with Huiyun Feng, Cambridge Elements in IR, 2023), Contesting Revisionism: China, the United States, and Transformation of International Order (co-authored with Steve Chan, Huiyun Feng, Weixing Hu, Oxford, 2021), China’s Crisis Behavior: Political Survival and Foreign Policy (Cambridge, 2016).

Camilla T. N. Sørensen is an Associate Professor at the Royal Danish Defence College. She conducts research on international politics and foreign and security policy analysis with a particular focus on China as a great power actor and on security and military strategic developments in East Asia (Taiwan Strait, South and East China Sea, Korean Peninsula, China-Japan-US power relations) and the implications hereof for Danish foreign, security and defense policy. 

Bertel Heurlin is a Professor Emeritus at the Centre for Military Studies, Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen. Heurlin is a renowned expert on China, global affairs and Danish defence and security policy, regularly contributing to the public debate with op-eds and appearances in television and radio. He leads CMS's network activities related to China, including the Strategic Reflection Group China. During a long and highly productive academic career, Heurlin has been a member of several Danish Defence Commissions, and he has contributed to the Danish Magtudredningen with the chapter "The Kingdom, the Power and the Military”.