Military Cybersecurity and Small States in an Age of Great Power Competition

Public Hearing in Landstingssalen, Folketinget, 11 September, 11:30-17:00

Cyberspace poses new strategic questions and changes the conditions for the use of military force. Modern communications technology has altered the geopolitical interactions of states, as intelligence agencies hack, probe, steal, and reveal information to their advantage; as militaries use these capabilities to more effectively conduct military operations; and as private companies have made information a key source of wealth, power, and influence. Cyberspace and cybertools therefore shape the conditions for – and the kind of – military force that states will wield in the 21st century.

In collaboration with the Defence Committee of the Danish Parliament, the Centre for Military Studies invites you to a public hearing to discuss the most pertinent dimensions of military cybersecurity and their implications for Denmark. The conference builds on the recent book Understanding Cybersecurity: Emerging Governance and Strategy, edited by CMS Senior Researcher Gary Schaub Jr.

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