Conference: Baltic Sea Strategy Forum 2019

The Baltic Sea Strategy Forum is an annual symposium convened on a rotating basis by the institutional members of the steering committee. This year's forum is hosted by the Institute for Security Policy at Kiel University (ISPK) and co-arranged by Centre for Military Studies (CMS), Swedish Defence University (SEDU), and Åbo Akademi University.

The symposium has a focus on strategy in the maritime domain ‘on the Baltic Sea and from the Baltic sea’ and brings together scholars and practitioners from nations around – or with an interest in – the Baltic Sea area, and aims to provide a useful platform for free, frank and innovative strategic debate. CMS’ Dr. Henrik Ø. Breitenbauch is one of the panelists at the forum.

At the forum three panels will discuss current conditions of Great Power Competition and how that situation is seen by NATO and US, German national and NATO Alliance partner nations. They will examine the capabilities, doctrines and strategies of relevant stakeholders in the Baltic Sea Region and also address the dynamic strategic environment as well as the importance of communications at the strategic and operational level of conflict among NATO and its partner nations. The final Wrap-up session will address the key findings of the day. What is the path forward? What should allied military, academia, and policy-makers focus on re: the Baltic?

For more information about the speakers and the event press here.

The conference takes place on October 30 at 08.30-15.30 at the Institute for Security Policy at Kiel University (ISPK), Kiel, Germany.