CMS Seminar: Strategic dimensions of disinformation: Purpose, methods and countermeasures

Sign which states "Danger due to disinformation"

Disinformation is on everyone’s lips, screens and minds as a major strategic threat to liberal democracies, NATO coherence and European stability. It’s a powerful strategic tool in the age of global social media but is often reduced to fake news-stories. This seminar digs deeper by focusing on why disinformation is used, how it is executed and what states can do to counter it. Russian campaigns, digital disinformation methods and societal resilience is only the tip of the iceberg. Join us for expert perspectives on the past, present and future dimensions of disinformation.

Niklas Rossbach, Swedish Defence Research Agency on Swedish history with disinformation

Samantha Bradshaw, Oxford University on digital methods of disinformation

Henrik Agardh-Twetman, Lund University on countermeasures to disinformation

André Ken Jakobsson, Centre for Military Studies

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