CMS Research Seminar: Is Strategy Strategically Useful?

The board game Risk

In strategic affairs – high-politics, survival, national security, war-avoidance and war-fighting – the ideal of strategy as a purposeful and deliberate political activity continues to play a significant role in the way practitioners and scholars alike approach the topic. But what is the strategic utility of this idea of strategy, of strategizing and strategies as practices of statecraft? What are the pitfalls of the broader project of strategy? What connections are there to other regimes of public governance? Can we conceive of strategy in a way that enables both clearheaded policy-making and dispassionate scholarship?

These are the themes to be discussed at the CMS Research Seminar with:

Andrew Neal
Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations, University of Edinburgh

Thierry Balzacq
Professor of International Relations, Centre for International Studies, SciencesPo

Nina Græger
Head of Department, Department of Political Science, UCPH

Christian Bueger
Professor of International Relations, Department of Political Science

Henrik Breitenbauch
Director of Centre for Military Studies, Department of Political Science, UCPH


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