Black Code - Surveillance, Privacy and the Dark Side of the Internet

Cyberspace is all around us and we are more and more dependent on it. Through the lens of the nation-state - what are the challenges? How do we mitigate the threats and risks. And how will the cyberspace effect our strategic, ethical and legal thinking in order to mitigate the challenges - in the broad spectrum from activists and criminals and to cyberwarfare? And what approach could Denmark take?

One of the world's leading experts Ronald J. Deibert is in town to participate in the Niels Bohr Conference on 'An Open World', Dec 4-6.

The seminar is organized by Centre for Advanced Security Theory (CAST) and Centre for Military Studies (CMS)

Tuesday, December 3, 2013 12:15-13:15,

Venue: Room 18.01.11, Øster Farimagsgade 5, University of Copenhagen

12:15-12:40 Black Code - Surveillance, Privacy, and the Dark Side of the Internet (RJD)

12:40-12:50 The challenges from a Danish perspective (CFCS)

12:50-13:15 Q&A

Ronald J. Deibert, Director of the Canada Centre for Security Studies
Thomas Lund-Sørensen, Chief of Centre for Cyber Security, MOD, DK

Registration is necessary and must be sent by email to
no later than December 2.

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